5 Tips and Tricks to Win Over Chinese Women

Pretty Chinese girlThere is always something alluring and exotic about women from another culture.  Since Asia has a particularly mysterious and withdrawn culture, Chinese women draw a lot of attention to themselves, without even knowing.  Men love a mysterious woman and Chinese women generally offer this type of shadow, avoiding eye contact, being short with their answers and it almost seems like they are blowing their potential date off.  She may be bursting inside because of her attraction to you, but most likely as an American, you would never be able to tell.  Why? Cultural differences.

Cultural differences often make or break relationships and they always offer a unique twist in the relationship.  Everything you thought about dating, all of the rules and ways to act, simply go out the window and you are left at zero.  If this girl is worth it, you will have to go high and low, through thick and thin waters just to even have a chance of being with her.  If you don’t want to go through the effort, start looking somewhere else.  But if you are willing to put in the effort to be with a Chinese woman, here are 5 tips and tricks to win her over.

    1. Brush up on your cultural relations with China.  If you want to impress your date on your first date, it is good to know a few things about the Chinese culture.  Even if you are not looking to impress her in that way, you certainly do not want to offend her.  Make sure you know a few things about Chinese traditions and culture.  This is particularly useful if the woman that you are approaching only knows a little bit of English.To connect with people, we normally use our words.  But if your potential date doesn’t know a lot of English,  then it is imperative to use body language.  Here’s the catch.  Body language in every culture is different.  If you are not well versed in what is correct body language for the Chinese, your date may be misled or even worse, insulted.


  • Communication is the key to success in every relationship.  With a cross cultural relationship, it can be difficult to express exactly what you want to say.  Plus, because of the delicate situation, you shouldn’t be playing games or hard to get.  You don’t want those games to cause the ruin of what could turn out to be a spectacular relationship.  If your date does speak English, then make sure you tell her how you feel clearly.  Tell her that you are having a great time, that she is pretty and that you would like to see her again.  Remember, you can always take a dictionary with you if you get stuck.  It might seem a little lame but it can prove to be very engaging and comical for the both of you.  Even in the worst case scenario, at least you can look back and laugh at the time you took a dictionary to your date.


  • The Chinese culture is very strict.  If you want to impress a Chinese woman, it is crucial that you do it on your first date.  The Chinese care about presence and respect.  If you prove to show even a little bit of disrespect, then it can be a major turn off.  Make sure that you speak correctly and are presentable.  Don’t speak about your problems with your family as the family is one of the most precious treasures that a Chinese woman has.  If she knows that you do not get along with your family or that you are disrespecting them in anyway, you can be assured that there will not be a second date.


  • One of the most useful tips and tricks for dating a Chinese girl is to forget everything you know about dating.  The typical American approach of dinner, a movie and good night kiss is way too much pressure for a Chinese girl that you don’t know.  Keep it simple.  Try going out on mini dates, before working up to the real thing. Win her heart over by sitting with her over a cup of coffee one afternoon.  Even when it comes to your first official date, don’t go over the top.  Create a relaxing environment without any of your typical dating expectations.  Once she knows that there isn’t any pressure, she will feel free to open up and allow you to actually get to know her better.  Sometimes, it takes a little while for a girl to feel comfortable on a date.


  • You always need to impress a Chinese woman. Mainly because Chinese women have a lot of admirers.  If you fall into the normal take me out guys, then there won’t be anything special and desired from you.  Keep her on her toes, by playful and maybe a bit mischievous without going overboard.  Chinese women also admire honesty in a man.  Men who take responsibility for their actions and that can be truthful are incredibly admirable actions.  Don’t be embarrassed and let her know the truth.


Dating Chinese women can be difficult but it is not impossible.  You should always show them a lot of courtesy and respect while out with them, as you would with any other woman, despite her origins.  You should also remember that woman of all sorts love to be listened to.  They want to know that you are interested in them for more than just a physical interaction.  They want to know that they are appreciated for their mind as well as for their beauty.

The Chinese come from a culturally rich lifestyle which may take a little time to get used to.  Take the time to observe different cultural interactions that you may have with Chinese woman and take your best approach.  Don’t come on too strong, but also don’t feel rejected because she doesn’t immediately return the gesture.  It may take a few tries before she even considers going out with you.  Once she does, it is up to you to impress her to keep the relationship moving.  Once you do, she will open you up to her world.  For your best bet, stick close to these top 5 tips and tricks to win over Chinese women.

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